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What We Have Done
  • The calls for the establishment of the Sitsao Wildlife Protection Area.
  • The progressive participation in the protest against the construction of the proposed Bin-Nan Industrial Zone in order to protect Chi-ku wetlands.
  • The advocacy for turning the original waterpond for the establishment of Niau-Son Educational Wetland Park.
  • The advocacy for designating a piece of land as the ecological protection zone within Tainan Science-based Industrial Park.
  • The protection of the mangrove near the Tainan Scientific Industrial Zone.
  • The participatino in the protection of the Kauping River.
  • The protection of the Yung-An wetlands.
  • The participation in prevent the tidal lands on the westside of Tainan Citythe from development.
  • The promotion of wetland use in Newei Pond.
  • The restoration of freshwater ponds in Tainan county.
  • The protection of the Pheasant-tailed Jacanas in Kuan-Tien and the restoration of a specific habita.
  • The protection of the otters in Kinmen.
  • The protection of the Black-faced Spoonbills near Chi-Ku.
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